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About Us

Ruma Water & Sanitation

Ruma Water and Sanitation Pvt Ltd (RWS) is a proudly Zimbabwean company incorporated in 2018 according to the laws of Zimbabwe. RWS is a company that specializes in provision of scientifically-backed solutions to water, sanitation, renewable energy and other related revolutionary technology solutions.

RWS uses its in-depth knowledge of the water purification industry as a leverage to collaborate with customers in development, implementation and management of water and sanitation programs/projects. RWS is primed to meet the needs of diverse customers who use water at individual, household, institutional, and industrial scales. RWS supplies its products and services to the mining, agricultural, general manufacturing, and domestic or industrial water supply sectors.

Why Choose Us?

Exceptional Customer Service


Ruma Water and Sanitation (RWS) is geared to be the premier supplier of revolutionary technology water purification solutions in Zimbabwe and Africa at large.


RWS strives to satisfy all its customers by delivering safe drinking water to the customer’s doorstep in a sustainable manner that maximizes stakeholder value. Our medium to long term goal is to spread our footprint throughout Africa for to us Africa is one nation.


Professional relationships;
Excellence in performance;
Reliable / versatile systems
Safety for all stakeholders;
Integrity in all our dealings;
Scientifically proven solutions;
Teamwork with our stakeholders.

Key Personell

Meet Our Team

Mr. Alex Madzikova

Managing Director

Alex is a Chemical/Process Engineer with more than 15years’ experience in the heavy manufacturing industry, in project management, and in customer relationship management.

Mr. Dharmiesh Kumar Desai

Operations Manager

Dharmiesh is an astute retailer who prides himself in his rich entrepreneurial history. To his credit Dharmiesh arrived in Bulawayo from India with only a small backpack carrying all his possessions.

Wellington Mpinha


Wellington is an experienced water purification systems technician with over 5 years hands-on experience in design,installation, maintenance,servicing, optimization, and repair of water purification systems.