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Products & Services

Ruma Water & Sanitation (RWS) water purification plants/machines cater for all your activities by adequately providing purified,crystal clear water, odor free, maintained PH levels, remove bad tastes, hardness, dangerous bacteria's and also ensure total removal of all toxic dissolved solids or contaminants found in water which can soon or later negatively affect consumers health such as lime, iron etc.

Installation of a water purification system at your premises facilitates safe-ready drinking water for all your family members/staff and all visitors (everyone) which automatically reduce the risk of outbreak of poor sanitation diseases such as deadly typhoid, diarrhea, cholera etc. Safeguard good health, be always alert and avoid unnecessary costs of frequently buying limited amounts of water yet anyone can access presently available purified water anytime on your tap, “Yes its possible with us”. we also do installations & servicing of all water purification machines, including water softeners, reverse osmosis systems (house hold/industrial), bubble glass tanks, UV lights, triple filter systems, Ozone, hot & cold-water dispensers, water filters (carbon, sand, GAC) etc.